Siddhartha - a must read for artists

I discovered Siddhartha by Herman Hesse in the winter of 2018. I was alone on a long drive and had been singing out loud trying to come up with some new tunes. As a reward for finding a few good ones, I decided to treat myself to an audiobook on Spotify. After flipping between a few unappealing books, I stumbled onto this simple, poetic and deeply inspiring story. I drove listening to this beautiful novel, hypnotized by the crazy dance of snowflakes illuminated by the headlights.  

Like Siddhartha, artists are on a solitary mission. Every single one is walking a path no one else can walk. 

Like Siddhartha, artists have a lot to gain from letting go of the ego. Good stuff comes from the feeling of unity, inner peace and blissfulness. Every time I open this book, I feel blissful and inspired. And the cherry on top? There is always beautiful language to discover and fire up my neurons.  

Siddhartha is a must read for any artist.




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