Unknown does not necessarily mean untalented

Often people question their talent. They think if they haven't gotten recognition yet, it’s proof that they lack talent. 

I recently discovered writer Lucia Berlin and instantly fell under her spell. The intensity and palpability of her work makes me feel like I could jump into the story and start talking with the protagonists. 

She died in 2004 virtually unknown to the general public, yet now she has become a literary sensation and is acclaimed as one of the 20th century’s best American writers.  

Don't wait for others to tell you what you’re worth. People don't know; you do. Keep doing what you do for as long as you enjoy it. Trends and opinions change often and fast, and you can’t get it right if you keep chasing that. You have better chances to produce something good if you do what you personally like and enjoy.


Lucia Berlin is finally a best selling author - Vanity Fair

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