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People, people, people (feat. Connie Lim)

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Swept by the sea of people
My hands are shaking, my head is spinning
pushed by the faceless (men in the) crowd
Oh God, don’t let them drown me...
People, people, people, so many people,
So many people all around
No one I can talk to, I feel so different (x2).
I feel so lonely
I prefer to be alone...
I used to think there was something wrong...
…with me…but there was nothing wrong...
I am a loner. Is that a crime?
On my own, I have the best of time
I am complete! I have all I need!
Late at night in the city
when the streets are empty, ..I am relieved
everyone's asleep, I have air to breathe
everyone's asleep, I have space to live
Pre-chorus / Chorus
I maybe I'll find someone who understands
what matters to my heart and who I am
Who I can trust to be there when
I need a friend... But until then
Chorus / End