Verse 1
You stomp out all the fires
You keep me safe at night
You lift me up
You set me straight on my path

You reel me back to earth
You're right most of the time
You know the words
To heal the bruises when I'm hurt

When the pressure
Seems too much to take
And currents
Try to pull us away
I know that nothing
Nothing can break us
We are we are we are we are relentless

We are we are we are we are relentless

Verse 2
Into this world we roam
With all the odds against us
we’ll dance like fools
On minefields with eyes shut

Everything falls in place
When you are by my side
You're the one thing
I could never replace

I used to need no one
Felt tougher than a stone
You proved me wrong
You pulled me in and held me close