1. Blue Coat
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Blue Coat

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I wanna wake up next to you
every morning like I used to do
I wish I could see your smile and hear your voice
one more time, just one more time...
I kept your old blue coat…it can't bring you back
Nothing can bring you back!
but It brings the memories,
I cling to memories
…So I wear your old blue coat whenever I feel low
Every time I put it on, I see you open that door, coming back home
Draped upon my shoulders, I am in your arms
the scent of your skin, the beat of your heart
you are close to me…I feel you heat!
Now I'm old, much older than our love
I didn’t heal but I learned to live alone
God gives and God takes away
the relics of our love are forever mine...
repeat Pre & Chorus
Moments slipped away like weightless balloons
I watch them, heavy hearted floating further to the moon
Chorus / End